Getting Published

Two full requests out with two different publishers.

Not quite a year since I decided to start writing and Finish That Book–this is amazing progress, and I’m really happy.

I have yet to hear back from Cornerstones–they may also provide me with more options.

I am pretty confident at least one of these three routes will take me somewhere, but even if none of them do, I feel (perhaps optimistically) that publishing is just a matter of time, now.


First full request

Situation as stands: I submitted pages + synopsis to a small but well-known publisher back in April. In May they contacted me to say they liked the writing but had no space for anything new, however they had forwarded me on to another small (but very good) indie press with a recommendation.

Second press said they’d read in “a month or so” but I’m not expecting to hear back really! However, they didn’t flat out turn me down.

This past week a second small publisher have requested full MS.  Response in 4-8 weeks.

So far I’ve only had interest from actual publishers, and not agents, making me think I should be submitting to slush piles.

Children of TimeChildren of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found this surprisingly good. Surprising because I tend towards the soft and literary end of SFF, and also because I bloody hate spiders. So much hate.

I looked up the author and was not at all surprised to see his roleplay interests. This would be a fantastic roleplay setting (and hey, the spider story is good too). He does a good job connecting you to characters who change (as in live, die, and are replaced by new ones) through the centuries.

I found some of the human portions slow but the whole thing pulls together nicely at the end, with subtle moments of profundity and quirky, interesting observations and insights.

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