Anchor (To Your Other Self)

‘Anchor’ is a magical realism/urban fantasy book about Remy, a depressed woman who has another self (Rem) that exists only in ‘Downside’, an alter reality. While Remy spends her days wishing she had a different life, her Other Self spends the nights fighting wraiths from the Dark Within. Their worlds collide when Remy tries to commit suicide, but inexplicably gets drawn into the Downside instead. Together, the two selves of Rem and Remy must overcome their mutual loathing, piece together what’s happened, and somehow save the Downside from an unexpected threat.



The Origin of Sight – Ninth Realm #1

The Origin of Sight’ is a speculative fiction novel about Nefral, a genetic throwback, and her twin brother Revion, a genetic paragon, who become caught up in a surreal struggle to resurrect the founding matriarch of their inter-cdimensional society. Five different voices interweave to explore various aspects of perspective, reality, and ethics in the twins’ story.


The Chains of Heaven – Ninth Realm #2

The Chains of Heaven follows Nefral and Revion after the destruction of Fallen Bells as they make their way across the subjugated Nations, in search of sanctuary and answers. Hunted on all sides by nearly every faction, their options are limited and their companions are untrustworthy. Meanwhile, besieged by the Five Thought Alliance, and having lost the extra-planar link which made it unassailable, the acropolis of Calaan–and indeed, the whole Republic–now teeters on the edge of collapse.


The War of Thought – Ninth Realm #3

Coming soon


Nine Words of Truth – Ninth Realm #4

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