Long Fiction


Anchor (To Your Other Self)

‘Anchor’ is a speculative fiction story about Remy, a depressed drop-out who has another self, Ro (Remy-Other). Ro exists only in ‘Shadeside’, an alter reality or dreamworld. While Remy spends her days wishing she had a different life, her Other Self spends nights fighting wraiths spawned by Lightside evil. Their worlds collide when Remy tries to commit suicide, but inexplicably gets drawn into Shadeside instead. Together, the two selves of Remy and Ro must overcome their mutual loathing, piece together what’s happened, and somehow save Shadeside from an unexpected threat.


The Origin of Sight – Ninth Realm #1

‘The Origin of Sight’ is a work of speculative fantasy about Nefral, an oracle who suffers from hallucinations, and her twin brother Revion, a social paragon, who become caught up in a surreal political struggle to resurrect the founding matriarch of their inter-dimensional society. Five different voices interweave to explore various aspects of perspective, reality, and ethics in the twins’ story.

The War of Thought – Ninth Realm #2

‘The War of Thought’ follows the twins as they evade capture from the Calaani oracles, and the war which escalates around them—both externally in the Republic, and internally within Nefrál, as she battles against Origin for mental control.

The Chains of Heaven – Ninth Realm #3

‘The Chains of Heaven’ shows a world steeped into brutal conflict, and Nefrál captured by the Five Thought Alliance, rival empire to the Calaani Republic. Still fighting for the future she believes in, she seeks to undermine the enemy from behind the lines—even as she falls in love with their antagonistic leader.

Nine Words of Truth – Ninth Realm #4

‘Nine Words of Truth’ concludes the overarching Calaani quest to return to their home dimension, deals with the resulting aftermath from millennia of war, and explores the peace that people struggle to make in its ruins—Nefrál with her tragic choices, and the planetary nations with their respective actions.